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You are here, because we share a common interest – becoming the best version of ourselves while trying to balance the craziness of life.  Functional Physique was inspired by a personal journey to move better, feel better, and look better, while prioritizing the various demands of our family and professional lives.  We are a FitFam of seven with a full plate of life.  Like you, fitness is the first thing to push to the side when the demands of life are knocking.  It was in this context that Functional Physique began it’s journey in 2012.

After five (yes five) children – from “dating to diapers” my wife and I decided that health and fitness was our first responsibility.  Stewarding our health meant that we would be able to run, jump, swim and wrestle with our children.  Most importantly, we accepted that our health stewardship was our greatest responsibility “one body, one life”.  After all, we cannot lead those we love in life if we are not there to lead them at all.

Therefore, we focused on our nutrition and were introduced to an excellent solution.  In 90 days Missy lost four dress sizes (10 to a 2) and 18 pounds while I added 21 pounds of lean muscle in 65 days.  Next, we decided to educate ourselves on fitness methods that supported our full-plate lifestyle while keeping our goals of alignment in the home.

Previously, I was a former athlete and even competed as an NPC Physique Bodybuilder, but the time commitment wasn’t practical to maintain family life balance so he sought unconventional fitness training and stumbled into his passion – functional movement and kettlebells.

I was blown away. I added muscle, burned body-fat, improved cardiovascular health, and did it all in less than 30 minutes four (4x) a week – all while feeling better in movement (flexibility and mobility).  I was HOOKED!

We ALL desire to feel confident in our own skin but our number one priority is feeling our best so that we can perform our best in life.  If time is an issue, knowledge is limited, accountability is needed, and money is tight – you are in the right place.

Our mission is to provide affordable, effective and long-term solutions that are delivered to the convenience of your workout location (home or gym), centered on this one theme: “Function first, Physique second”.  We will deliver science-based exercise and nutrition coaching in common sense terms so that you can become the best you.

Welcome to Functional Physique!

Your friends in health,

TJ and Missy Houske

TJ & Missy Houske

The Owners

TJ Houske

TJ Houske

TJ is a blessed husband, fit Dad of five champions, and co-founder of Functional Physique. He is passionate for all things wellness and fitness, loves Jesus and the opportunity to encourage others in the journey of life.

Missy Houske

Missy Houske

Missy is the co-founder of Functional Physique, NASM certified personal trainer and women’s health and nutrition coach. Missy is a proud “Momma Bear” of five champions that range in age from “dating to diapers”. She loves Jesus, people, fitness and nutrition…oh, and guacamole, queso, and DIY projects!

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"Function first, physique second". We equip, encourage, and empower individuals to move better, feel better, and look their best with affordable, high-quality and accountable remote personal training and custom program design. Our specialty is wellness and strength in functional movement and kettlebell training. Lose fat, add muscle, get fit, and have fun with like-minded people here at Functional Physique.


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