Aaron Brown-  Lead Instructor & Director, Strategic Markets

Aaron Brown
Lead Instructor & Director, Strategic Markets

Aaron Brown currently resides in Jacksonville, Florida, and he sincerely appreciates the opportunity to help others become more.

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Nick Stadter- Instructor

Nick Stadter

Nick Stadter is from Midlothian, Illinois and has always enjoyed helping others with their personal fitness and reaching their full potential.

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Kaylee Stadter- Instructor

Kaylee Stadter

Kaylee Stadter is from New Lenox, Illinois and has a passion for helping others lead a life of health and wellness.

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Jess Ragsdale- Instructor

Jess Ragsdale

Bonnie Schmitz- Programs Director

Bonnie Schmitz
Programs Director

Pat Schmitz- Member Service Support & Development

Pat Schmitz
Member Service Support & Development

Tom Moore- Tactical Athletics Instructor

Tom Moore
Tactical Athletics Instructor

Ted Allen- Lead Tactical Athletics Instructor

Ted Allen
Lead Instructor & Tactical Athletics Trainer

Ted Allen currently resides in Avon, Indiana where he’s been on the Avon Fire Department for 17 years and currently serves as the EMS Division Chief.

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Jennifer Gilliland- R.D., Nutrition

Jennifer Gilliland
R.D., Nutrition

Jennifer Gilliland has lived in Ohio her whole life and believes 100% in the mind-body connection.

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