Ted Allen- Lead Instructor & Tactical Athletics Trainer

Hi, my name is Ted Allen. I live in Avon, Indiana with my wife of 22 years, Kelly and 2 children, Chelsea 22 and Peyton 18. I am an outdoor kind of guy that enjoys hunting, fishing, boating and camping.

Football is my favorite sport to watch. So much so that we named our son after my favorite Colts Quarterback. We were actually featured on ESPN for naming him Peyton. I have been on the Avon Fire Department for 17 years and currently serve as the EMS Division Chief.

I would consider myself as “selfishly selfless,” meaning I feel my best when I am helping others.


  • 2017-Tactical Athlete Power and Endurance (Trained by Jeff Martone)
  • 2017-Peer Fitness Trainer (ACE Certified)
  • 2015-Lou Holtz Leadership (Trine University)
  • 2008-CPR Instructor (AHA)
  • 2006-Paramedic (Licensed by the State of Indiana)
  • 2001-EMT (Certified by the State of Indiana)
  • 2001-Firefighter I/II (Certified by the State of Indiana)
  • Multiple other EMS/Fire/Instructor Certifications

My favorite cheat food: Reese’s cups

My favorite kettlebell movement: Snatch

My favorite book: EMS text books (nerd alert)

My favorite quote: “I can’t believe that God put us on this earth to be ordinary.” -Lou Holtz

As a former high school athlete and a firefighter, I’ve always known the importance of staying healthy and fit. Functional Physique has changed the way I train as a firefighter due to the functionality of the movements. Very rarely do we bench press or preacher curl on the fire scene but we do a lot of pushing/pulling, squatting, lifting and bending. Kettlebell is the perfect fit.

Function First