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“You are the lid to your family and the people you lead in life”

TJ Houske is a dynamic leader, speaker, trainer, mentor and coach to businesses and families. He is a certified member of the John C. Maxwell Team and sought after for training and education in business development, life coaching, youth leadership, and perspective.

He does not claim to “have it figured out” but loves to quote, “I’ve made enough mistakes to know what not to do.” Leadership is learning from your experiences, good and bad, and “failing forward.”

TJ is a member of the Chaplaincy Team for the Washington Township Fire Department, a regular speaker and coach for The Indiana Law Enforcement Academy, a business leader in an elite nutrition and nationally recognized health and wellness corporation , and author.

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Leadership Ability Determines a Person’s Level of Effectiveness – John C. Maxwell

I often open my leadership conferences by explaining the Law of the Lid because it helps people understand the value of leadership. If you can get a handle on this law, you will see the incredible impact of leadership on every aspect of life. So here it is: leadership ability is the lid that determines a person’s level of effectiveness.

The lower an individual’s ability to lead, the lower the lid on his potential. The higher the individual’s ability to lead, the higher the lid on his potential. To give you an example, if your leadership rates an 8, then your effectiveness can never be greater than a 7. If your leadership is only a 4, then your effectiveness will be no higher than a 3. Your leadership ability—for better or for worse—always determines your effectiveness and the potential impact of your organization.

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